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Devi(Suzhou) Pharma Technology Co. Ltd. was established by experienced chemists and marketing experts . Devi pharma is becoming a stronger force in the chemistry ,such as molecular design, custom synthesis and outsourcing of fine chemicals .

We provide our products from milligrams, grams, kilograms to bulky scales to ourcustomers with high quality and competitive price for major pharmaceutical and biote-chcompanies worldwide...

Devi(Suzhou) Pharma Technology Co. Ltd. is a specialty & fine chemical manufacturingcompany providing APIs, unique building blocks, compounds,pharmaceutical intermediates , Natural extracts,Amino acids protective agent, food additives, water treatment chemicals,electronic chemicals and etc. The main products of our company are API series, pyrimidine series, isoazole series, indole series , boronic adcid series, pyridine series, pyrazole series , pyrazine series , benzene series , quinoline series ,quinoline series and etc...  


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